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Mail-In Straight Razor Honing

Straight Razor Honing $20
Straight Razor Repairs From $10

At Kent of Inglewood, we take our honing seriously! However, if you find yourself too far away to bring your razor or razors in personally, simply ship them to us instead.

Send your Razors to the following address:

Kent of Inglewood
1316B 9th Ave Southeast
Calgary, Alberta T2G 0T3

IMPORTANT: At this time, this service is only available to Canadian Customers


We will use an equivalent shipping method to return your straight razor that you used to send them to us. Even though your razor need honing, your razor may be able to still slice through poor packaging, hurting shipping personnel, and possibly damaging your blade. In order to prevent that we have some important razor packaging instructions. 

Step 1:

Pack your razor securely inside a box, the original packaging is perfect. Make sure to include your contact info in the box so we don’t mix up your razor with someone else’s. Use newspaper or bubble-wrap to hold the razor in place. Close the box and shake it, if you don’t hear any movement, you’ve done a good job!

Step 2:

Tightly wrap the box in paper. Here in the shop we use butcher paper.

Step 3:

Clearly label the package, and take care to tape the tearable edges with packing tape.

Step 4: 

Now you’re all set! Head on down to the post office and send us your razor.

Thanks again for your business!