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Leather Paddle Strop, Latigo Leather & Suede

For those starting out on a budget, a paddle strop is a great choice for a straight razor. They also work incredibly well for stropping knives and axes. The robust bridle leather will work for decades, and the rough suede is great for mounting a stropping compound onto, like chromium oxide.

A strop is a must for your blade. By stropping properly on a regular basis, you can avoid sharpening your razor as often and help it last longer. Sorta like brushing your teeth often to help you avoid the dentist.

  • For a full break-down video on stropping technique and care, check out our blog.
  • Strops can get dry, so be sure to moisturize it a couple times a year with leather cream.
  • This strop is two-sided. Use the rougher side, followed by the smoother side.
  • Made in Calgary, Alberta.