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Hoxton Shave Co.

Hoxton Shave Co. Bethnal Green Beard & Preshave Oil, 1oz

Bethnal Green is a more modern take on a classic barbershop Chypre fragrance, with grounding Vetiver. The green scent contains floral notes, reminiscent of the Bethnal Green Flower Market in London's East End.

Hoxton oil contains 3 main ingredients which have massive benefits for the beard. Both Sunflower Seed Oil and Castor Oil strengthen the hair to prevent breakage, while fighting acne and moisturizing the skin which can help with dandruff. Sunflower Seed Oil contains Vitamin E Oil which can also help to block UV rays. Olive Oil similarly moisturizes, but also fights bacteria and is used in a smaller concentration to avoid clogging pores.

This oil is designed protect and moisturize the skin while shaving, and also helps your razor to glide better. Castor Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil are both hydrating and can soften the hair to create a more comfortable shave. Any residual Castor Oil will also help wounds to heal and fight acne. The thickness of the oil is the key to avoiding razor-burn by creating less blade-on-skin contact.

About Hoxton Shave Co. -Hoxton Shave Co. is an English company exclusive in Canada to Kent of Inglewood.  The Hoxton shave is a modern take on shaving with a nod to classic English chemists and perfumers by naming several scents after East London neighbourhoods.  The English-made oils have been fragranced in Canada to create some truly unique scents.
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