Tremendous Unscented Beard & Face Cream (118mL/4oz)

Many beards that deserve to be a lush landscape end up as a sad, dry desert. Moisture is the missing element. Tremendous Beard cream hydrates both skin and hair, and absorbs quickly. The unscented cream is ideal for those who work in a scent-free environment or like to layer on a scented beard oil or cologne.


  • Apply Cream daily to a dry or towel-dry beard after cleansing with Tremendous Beard Wash. Work down to the skin with your finger tips, and massage through to the ends of the beard hairs.
  • Hydrates skin to prevent itch and dryness
  • Softens beard hairs to prevent breakage and make you nicer to cuddle with.

About Tremendous - Started by Mr. Jeffrey Cockram of Horace & Jasper, Tremendous beard products were originally crafted to care for Jeffrey’s own beard of 20+ years. The Tremendous line features primarily natural ingredients that care for both the hair and face, while offering top-quality beard care and avoiding synthetic fragrances. Tremendous products are hand-crafted mere blocks south of our Calgary store, in the heart of Ramsay.