D.R. Harris

D.R. Harris Almond Shaving Soap

These are arguably the finest shaving soaps you can buy, giving a wonderfully rich lather and excellent glide all while not drying the skin out as many soaps do. Not only that, but the lather seems to stay wet on the face better than some others. A bit less marzipan-y than their almond shaving cream, this is like a bowl full of freshly ground almonds with some added floral notes. Popular with both men and women. Comes in a hand-turned mahogany bowl loaded with a 100 gram puck.

About D.R. Harris - From the historic apothecary at No.11 St. James to the current abode at No.29, the descendants of Rotley and Harris have been purveyors of grooming products of distinction since 1790. Holders of Royal Warrants from the Queen Mother to the Prince of Wales, D.R. has supplied colognes, shaving products and grooming accoutrements to discerning gentlemen and ladies the world over.

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