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Castelbel Porto Sardine Collection Sea Salt and Lemon Soap On a Rope

Some of the most delicious things are some of the smelliest to prepare. Garlic. Onions. Cured sausage. Seafood packed in olive oil. These all leave our hands smelling less than fresh.

In Portugal where oily sardines are especially popular, one of our favourite soap makers came up with a solution: Sardine shaped soap-on-a-rope that washes away unpleasant fragrances. We love this soap because it hangs perfectly on your kitchen tap, cuts through nearly any unseemly food smells, and its playful fish shape looks great in any kitchen.

  • This soap is triple-milled, allowing it to last far longer and work much better than other soaps.
  • Comes in a 100g size.
  • Made in Portugal

About Castelbel - Nestled near the sun drenched olive groves of the Druro River valley in northern Portugal, Castelbel began manufacturing fine toiletry soaps and fragranced products for both home and body in 1999. Under the banner of Portus Cale (the original name of Portugal) they offer their fragrances and attendant goods, while soaps are under the label of Castelbel.