D.R. Harris

D.R. Harris Arlington Aftershave 100ml - 3.5oz

This alcohol-based aftershave will sting a bit at first, but ultimately soothe and tone your skin. Not for those with dry skin. The Arlington scent created by D. R. Harris is a light citrus scent with a base of fern to give it a crisp manliness. Comes in a 100 ml glass bottle.

Top Notes: Citrus, fern, jasmine
Longevity: Approximately 1 hour
Season: day, summer, spring

About D.R. Harris -
 From the historic apothecary at No.11 St. James to the current abode at No.29, the descendants of Rotley and Harris have been purveyors of grooming products of distinction since 1790. Holders of Royal Warrants from the Queen Mother to the Prince of Wales, D.R. has supplied colognes, shaving products and grooming accoutrements to discerning gentlemen and ladies the world over. 

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