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  • Partner Profile: Thiers Issard

    February 05, 2019 2 min read

    Partner Profile: Thiers Issard

    Thiers-issard was founded by Pierre Thiers in 1884, its name stemming from his wife’s and his last name, to differentiate between other Thiers families in the area. Pierre Thiers put so much of his heart into his business, rumor has it that he died at his work bench. The company passed down through successive generations until 1985, when the company transferred to Gilles Reynewaeter, a frenchman absolutely enamoured by straight razors who has written two books on the subject. The company now uses a proprietary Japanese steel blend mixed with 1800’s techniques to craft some of the best razors in the world.

    Many old companies with long traditions get bogged down in tradition, refusing to change what has worked for so long, to their detriment. Such is not the case for Thiers Issard.

    Under the direction of Monsieur Reynewaeter, they began using a custom blend of Japanese steel called Carbonsong 135, which is harder than any other steel on the shaving market. Harder steel stays sharp longer, and japanese steel tends to be capable of taking a finer edge than other steel types.

    Functionally, Thiers Issard razors are outstanding. The extra steps they put into their production seem to leave them very nicely finished with amazing edges straight out of the factory. They tend to have more heft than German razors, which can be a massive help to a novice learning the correct pressure to use with their new razor. Whether you want a simple blade with wooden scales like the Snakewood, a flashy Spartacus with a mean looking blade, or a sexy hand-folded damascus razor, Thiers Issard has you covered.