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  • New Product: Kent of Inglewood Razor Blades

    June 29, 2019 2 min read

    New Product: Kent of Inglewood Razor Blades

    We are proud to announce our ‘Mild’ Double-Edge Razor Blades, the newest addition to the Kent of Inglewood family of products. A driving force behind Kent of Inglewood has always been our obsession with quality. We believe that you deserve to own things that last a lifetime, and that your shaving experience should be driven by well-made products that treat your skin with care. This is definitely the case with these new blades. 

    For months, behind the scenes, we've been testing blades from a variety of manufacturers, searching for a blade that can cut through the thickest of beards, while still leaving our faces irritation free. Of the ones we’ve tried, we found that these are the most forgiving for sensitive skin. Most folks struggle with some form of irritation while shaving, but these should keep your skin happy shave after shave. Despite their mild edge, they work well on both fine and coarse hair-types. And of course they fit any standard double edge safety razor. 

    Because we believe that these blades are just what every shaver needs, each safety razor sold at Kent of Inglewood comes with a five pack for you to test drive. Besides the single 5-pack, they are also available in a 100-pack, ensuring smooth shaves for months. 

    These are available at every Kent of Inglewood store across Canada, or by ordering here.


    As you can tell we’re excited for the addition of these blades to the ever expanding line of Kent of Inglewood products. This includes shaving brushes, beard brushes, hardware and more. Each item in our lineup has been designed, sourced, and tested with an eye for quality and dependability, spending weeks in our grooming routine before being approved. It’s our pledge to you that they perform at the standard you’ve come to expect from us.