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  • Minimalist Beard Care: The Lazy-Man's Guide to Great Facial Hair

    by Chris Lord Last updated: June 15, 2023


    Not everyone is going to fuss over their beard like a prize-winning Pomeranian; lots of guys do, but I admit I’m not usually one of them. I came into having a beard by being lazy; I stopped shaving one day, and three weeks later *POOF* a beard was on my face. Just because I don’t actively do something about my facial hair doesn’t mean that I don’t have the same complaints as the next urban lumberjack lookalike. Dry crunchy hair, itchy skin, weird smells (yeah, I said it, deal with it), and a wild tangled nest hanging off of my face are all part of the struggle. 

    There are 3 simple things you can do to solve the majority of beard problems: wash your beard, moisturize your face, and use a brush. And no, running your fingers through your beard before walking out the door doesn’t count as brushing.

    Washing your beard

    Washing your beard in the shower a few times a week makes a huge difference in how the hair feels, but you have to make sure you’re using the right stuff. Most commercially available shampoos aren’t meant to go on your face, and they can dry out your skin and facial hair. Use something a little more gentle. You don’t want to lose the natural oils in your beard, just the ones left over from the chicken wings you ate last night.

    Beard washes are available in a couple of formats to suit the way you wash: as a bar of soap from Mammoth or Hoxton, or as a liquid like Crown Beard Co. and Tremendous. Find one that you like and get at it every couple of days; if you have a job that makes a mess, think about washing your beard daily

    Moisturize your beard

    My beard tends to dry out and get a bit crunchy from time to time, more so when I wash it too frequently. Winter weather can make your beard really coarse, especially if you live in a dry climate.

    You can add a bit of hydration to your face follicles in a variety of ways. Beard oil & balms are the most common choices, but I find the simplest is the Tremendous Beard & Face Moisturizing Cream. I rub a glob of this stuff into my cheeks, neck, and all the hair that covers it before giving a good brushing. I like this particular product because it absorbs quickly into the hair and skin and doesn’t leave me feeling too greasy; it even gives a little bit of control to my crazier straggler whiskers.

    Brush your beard

    Probably the most important step of all is brushing your beard with a natural bristle brush. Regular brushing does a tonne of work for making your face pleasant to look at. The stiff bristles get down to the skin to yank out any dandruff and spread around your natural oils, so your beard doesn’t look greasy like buttered toast. Brush that chin shrubbery every morning with one of the Kent of Inglewood Boar Bristle Brushes, and you’ll be sorted. Avoid traditional plastic bristles; they’ll create static electricity in your hair. Use bristle, wood or plant-based plastic.

    While these tips alone aren’t going to get you first place in your local beard competition, they just might stop your mother from threatening to shear you while you sleep. A few simple steps added to your routine will make a world of difference to the look and feel of your beard. As always, don't be afraid to reach out and ask us questions if you need help!

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    Chris Lord
    Chris Lord

    Lordy was a chef in a former life and now captains the ship that is our Ottawa shop. His experience with pomade is second to none and his mustache smells of Tobacco & Rosewood. He staunchly believes that a person’s life improves every time they swing an ax or strop a razor. Chris' favourite ax is the Wetterling Hudson Bay, the ax that built Canada and he shaves with a Thiers-Isard Snakewood.

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