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  • Grohmann Knives at Kent of Inglewood

    August 08, 2018 2 min read

    Grohmann Knives at Kent of Inglewood

    For years, we at Kent of Inglewood have proudly sourced the best in Canadian products and we make an effort to continuously seek out Canadian-made products, both old and new. At long last, we are proud to introduce our first line of Canadian-made hunting and pocket knives to the Kent of Inglewood family, Grohmann Knives.

    Unhappy with the political situation his own country after the Second World War, knife-maker Rudolph Grohmann moved to Canada from Czechoslovakia to continue his his craft. Shortly after constructing his first workshop Mr. Grohmann met Mr. Dean H. Russel, a Toronto cutlery store owner, and their work together began.

    The Belt Knife #1 was designed over years of testing and prototyping with hunters and trappers to create a truly Canadian Knife. Since perfecting that design the family has gone on to create many different styles of fixed blade and folding knife. They boast of “taking as many as 53 steps from the starting point to a finished product.” Grohmann proudly uses the finest materials for their blade and handle construction, materials that they believe strike a balance between durability and functionality. Grohmann makes many of  their knife blades from 4110 stainless steel, known for good edge retention and durability. Their knives are also available in C70 Carbon steel, which can be known to hold an edge longer than some stainless steels and take a smoother edge but will also rust if not cared for properly.

    The #1 “Original Design” is the perfect general purpose outdoor knife, perfect for dressing game and performing camping tasks. The handle is contoured to fit the hand in a variety of grips while the elliptical blade shape lessens drag while cutting.

    The classic Grohmann Pocket Knife fits comfortably in the pocket, and is perfect for jobs around the home and campsite. Everyone knows this as the knife that their father or grandfather carried, making it the perfect heirloom that can last lifetimes.

    The Mini Russell was designed as a more compact, folding version of the classic D.H. Russel Hunting Knife. His small folder is perfect for fowl and small fish, and can also be used around the campsite for all kinds of jobs.

    The Drop-Point Lockblade Hunter is designed for general purpose outdoor and hunting use, including skinning. This is perfect for the hunter who wants to minimize bulk while carrying the most versatile knife possible. The leather case keeps the knife protected from the elements, and can be fastened to a belt or backpack strap.

    I for one, am super excited about these knives being added to our collection. I believe that every person over the age of 6 should carry a good quality pocket knife, and Grohmann seems like the perfect blade to last a lifetime. I’ve added the classic pocket knife to my own personal collection, and with such a variety of blades available, there’s always a Grohmann knife perfect to give to friends and family members as gifts for all occasions.  

    Check out the full range of Grohmann knives we carry here.