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    Welcome to the world of wet shaving!  

    The brush that you have purchased is hand crafted to provide you with the best shave possible. Not only does it build a fantastic lather, it cleans away dead skin and lifts the hair to aid in getting a close, comfortable shave. Like any good piece of equipment, this brush requires a little care to help it last and continue to work well. The first few times you use the brush, expect light shedding. This is natural, as any loose hairs will free themselves. 

    All good shaving brushes are made from animal hair, the best being Badger hair. Natural hair has pores that help to hold on to water, and Badger hair is the only fur that doesn’t shed water naturally. Before using your brush, soak the bristles in warm water to soften the bristles and load them with water. This will luxuriously warm your lather. Using a thick shaving mug to lather in helps this further. Before lathering, be sure to gently shake most of the excess water from the brush.

    Then we move on to the lather. Your brush can transform a tiny amount of shaving cream and turn it into a mountain of foamy goodness. As mentioned before, a shave mug or bowl will give you something to work against when lathering, and will act as a vessel to hold excess lather during the shave. When lathering, use circular motions, and some back-and forth action. Repeat the same motions on the skin to prepare for the shave. Avoid mashing the brush completely into the bowl or face, to avoid damaging the bristles. If you are using shave soap, simply build a large lather on the soap itself, then proceed to lather on the face. Note that shave soap usually requires more water to get an awesome lather. 

    Once finished the shave, rinse the brush thoroughly. Wipe the bristles on a towel several times to draw out moisture. Avoid shaking the brush hard. If you like to shake your brush, place the handle in your palm and pinch the bristles so they don’t become loose. Finally, hang the brush upside-down to dry so moisture can drip from the bristles.

     With this information, you will have an excellent shave and get the most out of your investment. Happy shaving!