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Reuzel Pomade Extreme Hold Grey

Volume, hold and matte finish are all cranked to 11 with this extreme product from Reuzel. This long lasting formula holds like the most extreme waxes but washes out with water. The more you work it in your hands the stiffer it gets, almost like a two-part epoxy. Scented with a subtle sugary rum fragrance.

Extreme Hold
Shine No Shine
Hair Length All Hair Lengths
Messy, or Dry Structured
Washes out with Water or Reuzel Shampoo

About Reuzel - Reuzel was formulated in Rotterdam by the "Scumbag Barbers" Leen and Bertus nearly 25 years ago after they opened their Schorem barbershop and began a search for a worthy product to use. Unsatisfied with what was available, the formed their own brand to suit the needs of their barbershop and clientele. To this day the continue innovating with new products.

Meaning “lard” in Dutch, Reuzel pays homage to its historical predecessors; as pomades were previously formulated with animal fats, and fragranced with apples, and named Pomade after the french “pomme”, meaning apple.