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Mora Companion 4" Camping Knife

The Mora Companion is the gateway knife for many an avid camper, bushcrafter or hiker. The design is basic yet functional, affordable yet robust. Perfect for making feathersticks, cutting food, carving, and even camping!
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Made in Sweden.

About Mora Knives - There is a very long knife-making tradition in Mora, Sweden. For over 400 years folks in the town of Ostner have been forging knives to export around the world, and in 1891 a man named Frost-Erik Erson returned home from North America. He started a small company that made knives, among other things, and it would slowly grow to serve an ever-growing demand in Europe. Over time knife makers in Mora consolidated, and eventually Mora was aquired by another local maker, KJ Eriksson in 1988, and the name Mora of Sweden was trademarked. Today, they are recognized across the world as high-quality blades for those that enjoy the outdoors.