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  • Three New Scent-Free Perfumes at Kent of Inglewood!

    April 01, 2022 1 min read

    Three New Scent-Free Perfumes at Kent of Inglewood!

    If you've ever been to Kent of Inglewood, you know we absolutely love fine fragrances. Folks remark daily about how good our shops smells, and we're always stocked to the rafters with fine perfumes, colognes and aftershaves. 

    While many customers share our passion for perfume, some are restricted by their workplace or scent-sensitive partner. These poor souls are condemned to go through their day deprived of the majesty of Windsor, the glory of Bergamotto di Positano. Last year, we launched our first unscented fragrance made especially for these folks, and it was so well-received that we decided to craft three more unscented fragrances!

    This expertly crafted perfume is designed specifically for our friends in scent-sensitive environments, so they can finally enjoy a special scent all day long. No more are they shackled by the rules, they now have a special perfume, designed specifically for them.

    Papier is a soft, blank expression with notes of papyrus, scripture, and archives. 

    Oxygene is a breath of fresh air in this stuffy modern perfume world, a fragrance you literally can't live without!

    le Vide de l'Espace celebrates humankinds step-forward into exploring the galaxy and spreading our love of perfumery to the stars.

    These exclusive fragrances will be available in limited quantities, so don't miss out!

    Pre-Order here!