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The UCO Fire Striker, My Favourite Camping Tool

May 28, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

The UCO Fire Striker, My Favourite Camping Tool

When I first met the person who would become my spouse, I pretended to be very outdoorsy.  I tried to impress her with my great passion for the environment by pretending to be into camping, hiking, kayaking, and snowshoeing.  I found very quickly that I had to get into these things for the ruse to work.  I bought a boatload of gear and headed out into the woods to varying degrees of success.  

The first firesteel I bought was a $3 flint and steel that I hated.  It was uncomfortable in my hand, I could rarely spark it, and because it was tiny, it was impossible to aim if I did get a spark. I looked like a total amateur-- I was never going to impress anyone with my vast outdoor skill and knowledge using that hunk of garbage.  I tried a few different ferro rods after that worked better, but when I discovered the UCO Fire Striker, my camping life changed forever!  

The UCO Survival Fire Striker is lightweight, compact, and easy to use!

First, the UCO Survival Fire Striker has a textured grip, making it easier to handle while you use it.

Second, the steel that comes with it is angled to throw more sparks, making it easier to hit your mark while learning to spark a fire.  

Third, the steel also functions as a screwdriver, four sizes of hex screw, and a bottle opener so you can get the beer flowing while you practice your sparking skills.

As soon as I started using the Survival Fire Striker, I was sparking fires on the second or third spark every time (although I really had to master the feather stick to make that possible too).  I use it camping, in my backyard pit, and even in the fireplace now.  I am grateful to UCO for helping me look (and feel) like a pro. Now that I actually am outdoorsy, it is one piece of gear that goes everywhere with me.

All of that said, certain situations require more than a simple fire striker. I’ve been rained out plenty of times, and I’m not hardcore enough to use a firesteel in a downpour. Fortunately, UCO also makes a Fire Starting kit which contains their magical fire striker, stormproof matches, and something they call the “Sweetfire”. The sweetfire is perfect for starting your fire as you build it, burning for 7 minutes while you gather kindling. Need to start a fire in a monsoon? The stormproof matches  burn underwater!

The UCO Fire Starting Kit features three very different ways to get your fire going!

Whether you equip yourself with a humble UCO Fire Striker or go whole hog with the entire kit, I guarantee you’ll have fun starting campfires on your outdoor adventures.

Get equipped with UCO fire-lighting gear!