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  • New Product: Persons of Interest Unscented Eau de Parfum

    March 31, 2021 2 min read

    New Product: Persons of Interest Unscented Eau de Parfum

    If you've ever been to Kent of Inglewood, you know we absolutely love fine fragrances. Folks remark daily about how good our shops smells, and we're always stocked to the rafters with fine perfumes, colognes and aftershaves. From classic English brands such as Floris and D.R. Harris, to modern Canadian makers like Persons of Interest; we can't get enough of these wonderful scents! While many customers share our passion for perfume, some are restricted by their workplace or scent-sensitive partner. These poor souls are condemned to go through their day deprived of the majesty of Windsor, the glory of Bergamotto di Positano.We've always felt for these folks, but been uncertain how we could help. Until now!

    We are proud to announce a new collaboration with Ontario-based Persons of Interest: Unscented Eau de Parfum! This expertly crafted perfume is designed specifically for our friends in scent-sensitive environments, so they can finally enjoy a special scent all day long. No more are they shackled by the rules, they now have a special perfume, designed specifically for them.

    Dino Caracciolo, the master perfumer behind our exclusive "Unscented" fragrance.

    Unscented starts with playful notes of cloud, vapour, and oxygen, settling into mid-notes of reverse osmosis and cardstock, settling on a base of void, vacuum, and noseblind. This perfume has been carefully crafted by master perfumer Dino Caracciolo of Persons of Interest and Crown, who stated: "I needed a break from formulated big, intense fragrances. I wanted to take a moment to focus on subtly, crafting something for the overlooked millions who work in offices, retirement homes, and grocery stores. It took months, but I've finally nailed it.

    Persons of Interest Unscented can be found exclusively in Kent of Inglewood Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Vancouver, and at

    Grab yourself a bottle of Unscented today!