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  • Kent of Inglewood Rewards are Here!

    October 11, 2022 2 min read

    Kent of Inglewood Rewards are Here!

    Call us biased, but we think Kent of Inglewood customers are the best. We appreciate that you choose to come to us month after month to refill products and buy gifts for their loved ones, and we would like to reward you for your loyalty. To thank you, we are starting something special; Kent of Inglewood Rewards. 

    As of October 11, 2022, here’s how it works: 

    One dollar spent is one point earned! For every 50 points you earn, you have $5 to spend in our shops or website. You can redeem your points anytime after you’ve earned 100. ($5).

    Earn bonus points by:

    Sign up for Kent of Inglewood Rewards here.

    I don’t have a website account, can I use my in-store account?
    Yes you can! Simply go to and sign up with your account. It will automatically link to your in-store purchases.

    I already bought stuff with you! What about those points?

    Don’t sweat, we’ve got you. We’ve back-dated all of your recent purchases that had your email attached to them to give you a little bonus.

    Do I have to use my email? 
    Yes, our points system only tracks through email. You’d be surprised how many folks have the same name!

    What if I don’t want to get emails from you? 
    We only send emails when we’re having sales, have a super cool new product or we’re hosting an event. If you’d prefer not to hear about these, just ask us to remove you from our mailing list and we’ll only send you receipts for your purchases.

    Did you points program change? 
    As October 11th, 2022, our points program changes to 100 points is worth $5, instead of $10. Any points accumulated before today have been doubled, so the dollar that can be redeemed remains the same.