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  • Henson Shaving: A Modern Update to a Timeless Razor

    August 13, 2021 3 min read

    Henson Shaving: A Modern Update to a Timeless Razor

    When I first saw Henson’s razors, they gave me definite DeLorean vibes. You know, they’ve got that futuristic-1980s look, which isn’t surprising given that the folks at Henson come from a family who manufacture parts for the Mars Rover and the International Space Station. While tragically, a Henson razor cannot take you back in time or fly you to space, it can give you the best shave of your life on any part of your body! I’ve been rocking a double edge safety razor for a few years now and didn’t think there was any room for another one in my life. I’m a minimalist when it comes to what lives in my washroom. My legs were already baby-soft, and my old razor was built to last. Eventually, my coworkers persuaded me to try a Henson, and I’m so glad I did! 

    Henson Shaving: big DeLorean energy.

    What’s so great about them? Other than their super slick look, there is a lot that goes into making a Henson razor. Precision is their ultimate goal when crafting these razors. The designers identified a flaw in razors cast in moulds: the tolerances built into the design, which allow wiggle room on unpredictable factors like thickness of the chrome plating, often leave too much of the blade exposed. This can cause the blade to flex, irritating your skin, and the gap can allow hair to clog your razor. Instead, Henson machines, rather than casts, their razors to tolerances as tight as 0.0002”. They also include channels on the head to make rinsing away hair and product a breeze! Another fantastic characteristic of a Henson razor is how light they are! They’re machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, which not only reduces weight but makes them tough enough to survive being dropped in your shower or onto a tile floor.

    It should be overwhelmingly apparent by now that these guys care about attention to detail. This razor has features that never would have occurred to me—like a tungsten bushing. WTF is a tungsten bushing? The bushing is a lining for the screw hole that attaches the razor handle to the head. Making it out of tungsten ensures that the screw doesn’t loosen. As someone who once had her razor head loosen mid-use (I’ll spare you the details), my legs are super grateful for tungsten bushings! 

    Henson razors are designed with less blade exposure, and a perfect built-in angle for smooth shaving!

    I consider a Henson a terrific way to level up any seasoned shavers kit; it’s also become the first razor I recommend to beginners. When you’re learning to use a safety razor, one of the biggest hurdles is getting the angle right to achieve a close shave without cutting yourself. These razors take away all that guesswork! Instead of a rounded head, they shaped the head with straight sides, so you know exactly how to hold it against your skin for the perfect shaving angle. Even with a few year’s experience, I find I’m getting a more consistent shave than I ever did before, thanks to Henson.

    All this talk of precision and high-grade materials may have you picturing a Scrooge McDuck kind of price tag, but at $88 CAD, they only cost a bit more than a basic razor. Designed and manufactured here in Canada by passionate people, you’re investing in heirloom quality by getting one of these. With both mild and a medium model available, you can find the perfect Henson for your skin’s needs. Happy shaving!

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