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  • Partner Profile: Crown Shaving Co.

    January 18, 2019 3 min read

    Partner Profile: Crown Shaving Co.

    Ontario based Crown Shaving Co. was started by Dino Caracciolo out of a desire to continue the family business and move away from  the harsh ingredients used in most salons. Their line of products encompasses hair & skin care, including a line of shaving software using mostly natural and plant-based ingredients.

    With iconic scents and the kind of quality associated with Canadian-made goods, Crown is a favorite in many barber-shops. When designing his products, Dino took into account both the home-users experience, and that of a barbers. This ensures that his products are easy for the layman to use, but high-enough quality for the experts.

    Dino Caracciolo, the  mastermind behind Crown Shaving comes from a barbering family and handily marries tradition and modern sensibility with his barbershop and products. Dino was kind enough to speak with us about what makes Crown Shaving a unique premium brand.

    How did Crown as we know today come to be?

    After completing and graduating from beauty & barbering school in 1986, I jumped into one of many opportunities within the family hair biz, this one being with my older brother working as a stylist and managing a shop of 18 stylists & barbers.

    After many years with no issues at all I suddenly began to develop allergic reactions to many salon chemicals and it was at that time that I decided to go into an environment that was free of most chemicals that were used daily in the salon. This lead me to focus more on men’s grooming and taking the knowledge that I had learned about the harsh ingredients that were affecting me and I decided to develop a brand for men mixed with the best of science & botanical ingredients. This journey really started as a passion project and was only intended for me to use these products in my shop, but there was so much interest in the quality that the word spread and before I knew it I was selling to other shops ,and here we are today; crown is available in over 200 locations across North America.

    You must shave a lot of faces, what do you think are the keys to a perfect shave?

    Every face shape, follicle growth pattern, follicle thickness etc. is different so every straight razor shave will have its challenges but the most important thing and the key factor for delivering a comfortable shave is prep! Heat combined with moisture is what prepares the hair for a smoother irritation free shave, that along with not shaving to aggressively against the hair growth direction

    You sell only two styles of pomade, you must have some serious confidence in your products. In your mind, what makes these two winners?

    With so many hair products on the market it could become confusing for men so I decided our 2 staple products would be simple enough to use, both provide great pliable hold, one gives you shine and one is matte. We also have a grooming spray that provides the perfect hold and finish for Gentlemen with extremely fine hair.

    What Crown products can you not live without?

    There are 2 crown products that I absolutely use daily and can’t live without as they are part of my after shower morning routine. Crown peppermint hair & body wash followed by Crown body powder to keep me fresh and dry all day!

    I appreciate your time Dino, and I too cannot live without the body powder. I am thrilled that you are finally releasing your body wash in your classic aftershave scent.


    If you are feeling inspired by what Dino has to say and you would like to learn more you can check out his products here.

    If you would like to know more about Crown Shaving Co., send us an email, DM on social media, or give us a call and we can answer your questions!