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  • My First Month Shaving With A Safety Razor

    September 30, 2015 2 min read

    When I first started to work at Knifewear, spending time at Kent of Inglewood was going to be inevitable. Upon first meeting the staff, they immediately asked me if I had ever tried to shave with a safety razor. “No way, that's crazy!” was my initial reaction as I had normally shaved with an electric razor.

    I was given a Merkur 34C safety razor to test drive. It was clean, simple and not too intimidating for a scaredy cat like me. So I thought that this was it, the time I become a man and shave for real. They paired the razor with some Windsor shaving cream from Dr. Harris&Co. I was taught how to whip up a lather with my badger hair brush and off I went!

    I figured the best way would be to just do it instead of worrying about the sharpness of the blades, so with lather on my face and razor in hand I got to work. From the first stroke of the razor it was like true love and I was hooked. The rest of the shave was almost pleasurable and I finished up with ease. After rinsing I applied some West Indian lime extract aftershave and my initial reaction was like when Calvin used aftershave in Home Alone. It stung at first but I really loved smelling like limes all day and I don't think the ladies minded either.

    After my first month wet shaving with an actual safety razor I am hooked and will never go back. I look forward to each time I get to shave now just because it has become such fun.