Wetterlings Hunter's Hatchet
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A hunter’s hatchet is great for your camp kit or in the back of your car. Perfect for small butchering, clearing areas, splintering firewood for kindling, and a variety other outdoor tasks. Portable, but with a long enough haft to get a fair bit of power behind your swing.

I tend to trust the Swedes when it comes to axes and other sharp things. Wetterlings is one of the oldest axe forge still operating in Sweden, producing top quality tools. The head of this axe is made of their own specially smelted carbon steel, hardened to the perfect point to ensure edge retention without losing durability. Comes with a vegetable-tanned leather head-cover. The American hickory haft is strong, but has enough flex to make sure it doesn’t break the first time you over swing. As with all wooden-hafted axes, take care to oil the haft of this axe regularly to ensure strength and a tight bond between head and haft.

Blade Material: Swedish Carbon Steel
Steel Hardness: 57 HRC
Handle Material: American Hickory
Handle Length: 16"/ 39cm
Head Weight: 1.75 Lbs/ 0.8Kg
Total Weight: 2.15 Lbs/ 1Kg
Grind Style: Convex

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