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Tsunehisa Tosa A2 Migaki Skinny Ken-nata 135mm

This long, skinny blade has great utility for carving and making kindling. The long-skinny blade allows it to be used as a rigid boning and fillet knife.

Blade Length 135mm
Handle Length 120mm
Steel Aogami #2
Handle Material White Oak
Weight 140g
Comes with Wooden Sheath

The Ken-nata
 is a Japanese hybrid blade, with incredible form and function. Ken, meaning sword-shaped and Nata meaning hatchet, give you a clear idea of this knife’s utility. The thick spine and solid grip allow it to be used forcefully like a hatchet, while the long curved blade and short handle create a more knife-like function.

A Ken-nata is best used when camping, to cut wood and kindling for fires, carve, and whittle. Many hunter’s find utility in the Ken-nata as well, treasuring it's durability contrasted with its ability to take a razor-edge. Even in the garden, the ken-nata shines as a sturdy and reliable tool.

A solid wooden sheath accompanies each Ken-nata, with a holter-style belt loop attached.