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Tsunehisa Tosa A2 Migaki Ken-nata 150mm

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This slimmer blade is somewhat thin, making it better for more delicate tasks, like carving and making kindling. It's curve and balance also make it great for hunting and butchering.

Blade Length 150mm
Handle Length 150mm
Steel Aogami #2
Handle Material White Oak
Weight 250g
Comes with Wooden Sheath

The Ken-nata is a Japanese hybrid blade, with incredible form and function. Ken, meaning sword-shaped and Nata meaning hatchet, give you a clear idea of this knife’s utility. The thick spine and solid grip allow it to be used forcefully like a hatchet, while the long curved blade and short handle create a more knife-like function.

A Ken-nata is best used when camping, to cut wood and kindling for fires, carve, and whittle. Many hunter’s find utility in the Ken-nata as well, treasuring it's durability contrasted with its ability to take a razor-edge. Even in the garden, the ken-nata shines as a sturdy and reliable tool.

A solid wooden sheath accompanies each Ken-nata, with a holter-style belt loop attached.