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Thiers Issard

Thiers Issard Rouennais folding knife

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The Thiers Issard Rouennais is named for the cow's tail, because of its shape. It was invented for opening letters and cutting fruit, so it makes an excellent multipurpose knife.

Blade Length 79mm
Overall Length 194mm
Steel 12C27
Handle Material Juniper Wood
Weight 76g
Blade Thickness 3mm

About Thiers Issard - Thiers-Issard was founded by Pierre Thiers in 1884, its name stemming from his wife’s and his last name, to differentiate between other Thiers of the area. Pierre Thiers put so much of his heart into his business; rumor has it that he died at his workbench. The company passed down through successive generations until 1985 when the company transferred to Gilles Reynewaeter, a Frenchman absolutely enamored by straight razors who has written two books on the subject. The company now makes a wide range of straight razors and folding knives, prized for their quality.