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Kent of Inglewood

Teen Double Edge Safety Razor Starter Kit


For those just learning, learning how to shave can be awkward and intimidating. Whether you’re a teen, or someone looking to help a teen start good shaving habits, Kent of Inglewood is here to help. There are good reasons to start classic shaving early. It’s better for the skin; using a single blade helps reduce irritation during and after the shave. Classic shaving also easier on both the wallet and the environment than cartridge razors. 

Our Teen Shaving Pack features a light-weight Feather Safety Razor to get them started. This razor is easy to use with the included Kent of Inglewood Mild Razor Blades, and will last until it’s time for a graduation upgrade. A Kent of Inglewood Blade bank ensure that you have a safe, secure place to put your blades when you swap them out.

Schaf Shaving Cream offers protection, moisture and glide to the skin and is applied by hand, no fancy shaving brush needed. There’s also a lot less packaging waste than the aerosol stuff. Shaf Shave is formulated for sensitive skin, and made in Canada.