Straight Razor Shaving Demos

Customers receive a $30 credit to spend in-store after the class. 

The class is a complete demonstration of the technique and tools used for a straight razor shave. An excellent workshop for those who are new to the experience of straight razor shaving, or an informative and valuable experience for those who would like to tune up their technique.

You'll learn:

  • Preparation - face preparation - hot towels, pre-shave products, how to create a fine lather - blade preparation including stropping and cleaning.
  • Shaving - proper shave techniques for all areas of the face - including trouble spots - blade angles, and with/across/against grain practice.
  • After care best practices for your skin and your razor.

Pre-registration is required ( $30 registration fee - which can be redeemed for product following the workshop). 

Class price (per person) $30

Class size is limited to 6 people and will last 1 hour. 

Classes are run from January to the 
end of November, Sunday mornings 10am to 11am.

Call your local store to book today!

for Calgary (403) 457-1595

for Ottawa (613) 695-4201

for Edmonton (780) 761-0305

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