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Seki Kanetsune "KAGE" Tanto-tip Outdoor Knife 135mm

This classically Japanese-style outdoor blade is a jack-of-all-trades, suitable for a huge variety of bushcrafting tasks, all the way to full-animal butchery. The tanto tip offers a combination of precision and strength, not to mention looking super badass. A more traditional Japanese tang puts the majority of the weight in the blade, perfect for folks who prefer a front-heavy knife.

Blade Length 135mm
Overall Length 275mm
Steel Blue #2
Handle Material Oak
Weight  170g
Blade Thickness 4.0mm
Sheath Magnolia Wood

About Seki Kanetsune - Established in 1964, Seki Kanetsune is all about duality in their blade production. They strive to create blades that are rugged, yet ultra-precise. They honour and follow tradition while incorporating modern techniques and technology when it betters their craft. This balance allows them to create spectacular blades, especially for camping, hiking, and hunting.