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Rockwell Model T Adjustable DE Safety Razor

White Chrome
Gun Metal
Brushed Chrome
For those who are always experimenting and chasing the perfect shave, the Rockwell Model T is the razor for you. The adjustable head allows you to move the blade closer or farther away from the guard, giving you control over the closeness and comfort of the shave. A simple dial allows for adjustment on the go, so you can switch things up mid-shave. The head opens in a butterfly-style, reminiscent of the 1950s Gillette razors many of our parents or grandparents shaved with.
  • Compatible with any DE safety razor blade, especially Rockwell brand DE blades.
  • Head adjustability varies from 1 (mildest setting, almost no blade exposure) to 6 ( aggressive setting, same spacing as Merkur razors heads)
  • 1-Piece construction is easy to operate.
  • Be sure to dispose of blades in a Blade Bank.
  • Comes with 5 Kent of Inglewood Mild Blades.

Stand not included, find it here.

About Rockwell - The Canadian brand Rockwell became an overnight sensation on Kickstarter, catapulting it into its status as a maker of outstanding shaving gear overnight. With a focus on industrial-era quality and modern sensibility, Rockwell seeks to make safety razors and accessories from the best materials possible, designed in Canada.