Remedy Brand

Remedy Brand Tsubaki Blade Oil - 2oz

First used to keep Katana swords in lethal working order, Tsubaki blade oil is a modern day must for maintaining the condition of any blade, especially carbon steel varieties. With regular application of Remedy Brand’s 100% natural and food-safe Tsubaki Blade Oil, corrosion, rust and dullness won’t be a worry.


  • Slows corrosion, tarnishing and dulling of blades
  • Keeps razors sharper longer for less nicks and cuts
  • Preserves the sheen and luster of carbon steel


  • All shaving razors, be they straight or double edged
  • Kitchen, woodworking and hunting knives
  • Bladed tools like axes, planes and chisels
  • Joints and springs of pocket knives and shears

    Directions: Use often, but apply sparingly – a drop or two will do. Drop on to blade and rub in with a soft cloth till absorbed. 

    Ingredients:camellia tea seed oil

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