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Ralf Aust

Ralf Aust Spanish Point 5/8" Straight Razor

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Minimalist and elegant, this offering from Ralf Aust is an elevated version of the typical “beginner” straight razor. The true Solingen steel and immaculate hollow grind allow for a top-notch shave, and the ⅝” blade is perfect for someone new to straight-razor shaving. The spanish point is precise, while safer than some of its pointier cousins.

Size 5/8"
Grind Hollow Ground
Steel Solingen Carbon Steel
Scales Plastic
Manufacturer Ralf Aust



  • All razors are guaranteed shave-ready by our staff.
  • For help using your razor, we suggest you take a Straight Razor Shaving Class at one of our stores, or feel free to contact us for advice.
  • This razor is made from high carbon steel, which is capable of amazing sharpness and great edge retention but requires a little extra care. Be sure to dry your razor well after every use, and oil with Blade Oil or store in a dry place.
  • All straight razors must be stropped before use, to straighten burrs and polish the edge for the smoothest shave possible. Be sure to use a good quality strop and accurate technique.
  • Honing/ Sharpening should be done on Japanese synthetic or natural whetstones. You can bring your blade in to a Kent of Inglewood store to be honed, with the first time free on any blades purchased from us. Razor honing classes are also available at your nearest Kent of Inglewood location. 

About Ralf Aust - Raulf Aust is a man with a varied history in german steel manufacturing, with an attention to detail and passion not often seen these days in world of german blade production. Herr Aust works alone, overseeing every single step of production and honing by hand to ensure a top-notch product.