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Portland Razor Co.

Portland razor Co. Vegan Felt Straight Razor Strop, 3 inch


At last, the very first high-quality vegan straight razor strop! This wonderful creation from Portland Razor Co. is all about function and sustainability. They saw the need for a non-animal-based strop that could be composted once worn out but didn't want to sacrifice quality and performance. We think they nailed it.

This strop has great draw, leaves a beautifully polished edge, and is wide enough to accommodate any razor size! This new material is made from a 70/30 blend of PLA (a corn-based polyester) and Rayon (a wood pulp-based synthetic fiber), making it a vegan-friendly, eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to leather and polyester strops.

  • Available in grey or lime green.
  • 100% vegan, all non-metal parts can be composted.
  • 3" wide, 16" long, 4mm thick.

About Portland Razor Co. - Portland Razor Co. is a manufacturer of straight razors with a dedicated team of razor smiths who make, by hand, some of the best and coolest straight razors around. You may know that we are their exclusive Canadian retailer, which flatters us to no end.
Started by Scott Miyako and quickly joined by Hunter Lea, Portland Razor Co. grew quickly. They pioneer new razor-making techniques and materials while maintaining strict quality standards. Now the Portland Razor Co. educates barbers on proper straight razor use, has a couple of apprentices, and continues to make some of the best shaving blades the world has ever seen. We are excited to see where they go in the future.