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Origin Field Knife

The TILI is a super comfortable compact knife for daily and outdoor use. The stout blade is thick and rugged, with a slight concave grind for insane sharpness. The handle is expertly finished to fit smoothly and comfortably in any hand.

Blade Length 3.5"
Handle Length 4.25"
Steel 1095 Carbon Steel
Handle Material Oak, Cocobolo
Manufacturer Origin

Comes with Leather Sheath

About Origin Handcrafted - "Defying a Throwaway Culture" is the ethos that Origin works by. Origin Handcrafted was founded by Marc Liss and his partner Kayla Penelton on two humble ideas: People should love the things they own, and things should be built to last. Every product that leaves our shop is made with love, care, and attention. When cared for, our products are designed to last as long as you do.