Odegard Chestnut Leather and Walnut Wood Fly Swatter


Looking for just the right heirloom-worthy fly swatter? Your search is over! This Odegard housefly killer is the perfect cabin companion. It is hand-assembled in northern Alberta like all of Odegard's products. This harkens back to a victorian, pre-plastic era when even the most humble of goods were finely crafted from the best materials. This is a fly-swatter that you can proudly display on your walls, and will work on the most serious of insect foes. 

About Odegard - Odegard leather goods are handcrafted in Athabasca, Alberta by Arlen and Cynthia Odegard. Arlen hand-stitched his first saddle at age 12 and has been leather crafting for over 30 years. The Odegards use the toughest leather, make the tightest stitches, and hold themselves to the highest quality standards possible.

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