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Like Grandpa

Like Grandma - Dry Shampoo 114g

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If you often find yourself without time for a proper wash, dry shampoo is your best friend. This product absorbs dirt, oils and odours to keep your hair fresh for days without a proper shampooing. For those who prefer a choppy, textured hairstyle, dry shampoo can double an a lightweight styling product.

  • Available in light or dark shade.
  • Shake into the palm and apply gentle with hands, or apply directly to hair and work through.

About Like Grandpa - Like Grandpa is completely handmade in Edmonton, Alberta, using all-natural ingredients. Husband & wife team Ken and Keenyn started Like Grandpa after years of making products for themselves. Their obsession with naturally sourced ingredients and quality skin-care was what drove them to create their retail brand, and they avoid any nasty additives that can impact the skin or body long-term in a negative way. Every Like Grandpa product is focussed on the best skin care for the dry prairies, meaning they are gentle and non-greasy.