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    Hoxton Shave Co. Horse Hair Shaving Brush

    A shaving brush is an essential part of the shave. Regardless of the razor, a good brush will provide a fluffy that to protect the skin, while exfoliating the shaving surface. The action of stiffer bristles such as badger lifts the hairs into the lather, allowing for a closer shave with fewer ingrown hairs.

    Horse hair is a fantastic place for many shavers to start. It offers great exfoliation and decent lathering abilities, all while keeping your bank account happy. Horse hair brushes last several years, and make great travel brushes because of their low price. Some folks who shave their legs or have extremely-coarse whiskers even prefer horse hair for its scrubby texture.

    Once finished the shave, rinse the brush thoroughly. Wipe the bristles on a towel several times to draw out moisture. If you shake your brush, place the handle in your palm and pinch the bristles so they don’t become loose. Finally, hang the brush upside-down to dry so moisture can drip from the bristles.

    About Hoxton Shave Co. - Hoxton Shave Co. is a modern brand, exclusive in Canada to Kent of Inglewood.  The Hoxton shave is a modern take on shaving with a nod to classic English chemists and perfumers by naming several scents after East London neighbourhoods.  The English-made software has been fragranced in Canada to create some truly unique scents.

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