Iwasaki Japanese Razor Small 43mm
Iwasaki Japanese Razor Small 43mm Iwasaki Japanese Razor Small 43mm Iwasaki Japanese Razor Small 43mm
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The Iwasaki family are about as skilled as you can get when it comes to making razors. Using only the finest carbon steel, this blade is handcrafted in every sense. Incredible edge retention, so it’s going to last a lifetime or two, and capable of the craziest edge possible. The shape of the head makes it easier to shave with, and the unwrapped steel handle is comfortable and simple. The best kamisori you can buy. This small, 45mm blade is meant to be held in your right hand, so if you are a lefty, but the left-handed one.

Size 6/8"
Grind: Right-handed Grind
Steel: Udholm Swedish Carbon Steel
Rockwell Hardness: 62-63
Scales: None
Macufacturer: Iwasaki san
This Razor was honed by Hand
At Kent of Inglewood, we hone every single razor to ensure that it is shave-ready when you take it home. That being said, the first sharpening will also be free of charge. That is $40 worth of sharpening before the razor ever leaves the shop, because we care about the perfect shave.

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