Hoxton Shave Co.

Hoxton Shave Co. Shaving Brush Grey Badger

Hoxton Badger Hair Shaving Brushes are an excellent balance of construction quality and affordability. While just as reliable as many medium-grade brushes, the Hoxton brushes provide a little more scrub than most badger brushes. The scrubbiness of the brush allows for deep exfoliation and makes lathering harder soaps into an easier task. This brush is available in 'Union Jack Blue' or 'Union Jack Red' and with proper care will last you many years.

Once finished the shave, rinse the brush thoroughly. Wipe the bristles on a towel several times to draw out moisture. If you shake your brush, place the handle in your palm and pinch the bristles so they don’t become loose. Finally, hang the brush upside-down to dry so moisture can drip from the bristles.

About Hoxton Shave Co. -Hoxton Shave Co. is an English company exclusive in Canada to Kent of Inglewood.  The Hoxton shave is a modern take on shaving with a nod to classic English chemists and perfumers by naming several scents after East London neighbourhoods.  The English-made software has been fragranced in Canada to create some truly unique scents.