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Fox Den Shaving Mug - Fox

This Shaving Mug is perfect for both soaking your brush and lathering soaps and creams. The depth of the vessel allows the brush to soak in hot water easily, so your bristles work better and last longer. When lathering, the stippled texture on the inside of the mug allows you to create a big, fluffy lather in less time, with less effort!

  • Perfect for lathering both creams and soaps.
  • For best results, fill with hot water and soak brush before building lather.
  • Made in Calgary, AB.

About Fox Den Studios - Fox Den is a Calgary-based ceramics studio owned and operated by Knifewear Calgary's own Samii Hoffman. Samii finds inspiration from the Canadian wildlife she has been exposed to since childhood living in Rural Central Alberta, the Red Fox being the most predominant image in her work and inspiration for her studio name.