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Feather Artist Club SS Folding Handle Shaving Razor

This folding shavette razor gives you the straight razor shave without having to strop or sharpen your razor. The handle style is inspired by the classic European razor handle and the blade is excellent for full-shaves or detailing facial hair. Available in Black, Pink or Lime Green.
  • Use with Feather blades only, either Proguard, Light, Professional or Super blades.
  • Blade holder slides apart for easy cleaning and sanitizing.

About Feather Established officially in 1953, Feather Safety Razor Co. has been a long-time manufacturer of disposable shaving blades and surgical blades. Feather focuses purely on Japanese production to ensure the greatest quality in their products, refusing to source from other countries. Now Feather is known to make the sharpest DE razor blade on the planet, and some of the finest shaving tools held by humankind.

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