Edwin Jagger Natural Aftershave lotion, Sandalwood, 100ml - 3.4fl oz

Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger uses 99.9% natural ingredients in all their products so you know that you're not putting any chemicals or paraben's on your skin! Made using witch hazel, aloe, and many other natural extracts, Edwin Jagger’s aftershaves contain a small amount of alcohol to tone the skin. Enough to bother those with an allergy to alcohol, but not enough to dry out the skin at all. Also doubles as a fantastic skin moisturizer. Edwin Jagger’s sandalwood is more subdued than many others, having all the warm, woody, floral notes you would expect without any of the incensey nonsense. Sandalwood has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes this aftershave great or those with sensitive skin. Of course, this aftershave is an excellent match to the corresponding shaving soap or cream.

Comes in a 100ml pump bottle.

About Edwin Jagger - Honoring the long established history of Sheffield manufacturing, all Edwin Jagger products are crafted with an absolute attention to detail while marrying state of the art processes with time honored traditions. Founded in 1988, Edwin Jagger supplies all manner of exquisite grooming goods for men and women.

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