Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, extra long handle

Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger was established in 1988. More than two decades later they have proven their products to be world class for both gentlemen and ladies. Their razors are renowned for a smooth, easy shave and excellent build quality. Double edge safety razors provide a closer shave for smoother sexier legs. The extra long handle turns to a rubber texture when wet, providing maximum grip when shaving in the shower. Rose coloured for the girliest of girls or manliest of men.

Total Length 101mm (Handle 93mm)
Weight 72g
Comes with 5 Pack of Feather Blades
Made in England
Construction Chrome plated
Manufacturer Edwin Jagger

About Edwin Jagger -
Honoring the long established history of Sheffield manufacturing, all Edwin Jagger products are crafted with an absolute attention to detail while marrying state of the art processes with time honored traditions. Founded in 1988, Edwin Jagger supplies all manner of exquisite grooming goods for men and women.

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