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Dapper Beard Oil Black Tusk No. 2

Beard Oil helps to condition hair, add a healthy shine and a pleasant fragrance. Dapper Beard Oil helps to repair dry and damaged beards, while also bringing antibacterial properties to the table. Black Tusk No. 2 is a smoky blend of cedar and Cypress.
  • This Beard oil is formulated for all sizes of beard.
  • Apply conservatively throughout the beard with the finger-tips. Use a Beard Brush for the best distribution.
  • Follow with a  beard balm to lock in moisture, and style the beard.

About Dapper Beard Oil Co. -Ottawa-based Dapper Beard Oil is all about their people. They want their customers to have a uniquely awesome experience with their beard products, so each batch is blended to order and hand-numbered. They have carefully selected a complex blend of the finest oils to craft their products with.