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CRKT Nathan's Knife Kit

That fantastic knife kit was created with the goal of teaching children three things: crafting skills, knife safety, and in-depth knowledge of how folding knives function. By building this kit, they get to explore the anatomy of a folding blade before a knife-safety lesson from their proud parents.

This knife cannot be shipped outside of Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Blade Length 83mm
Overall Length 203mm
Steel Beech Wood
Handle Material Beech Wood
Weight 51g
Blade Thickness

About CRKT - CRKT® (Columbia River Knife and Tool®) was founded in 1994, putting innovation and integrity first from day one. CRKT made a commitment to build knives and tools that would inspire and endure. They collaborate with the best designers in the world and operate on a simple principle: that the greatest thing they can give their customers is Confidence in Hand®.