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Chris Green “Wharncliffe” 90mm General Hunting Knife

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This knife is for precise crafting work, known better as a ‘wharncliffe blade’. The straight edge and a spine that tapers towards the point means that you can easily control the tip while working with the knife and apply consistent force the entire time. A tapered, round handle makes for a comfortable grip when exerting more pressure on the knife, and allows you to hold the knife in a variety of ways.. This style of blade is used for general utility work leaning towards fine point work.

Blade Length 90mm
Handle Length 110mm
Steel White Carbon #1
Handle Material

Black walnut, G10 & nickel accents

Manufacturer Chris Green
Comes with Leather Sheath

About Chris Green - Chris is a young hotshot blacksmith from Calgary, Alberta, who started forging because of his love for the art of knifemaking. When you hold one of his knives, his passion for the craft is clear. It comes out in the finish of the blades, the fit of the sheathes, the polish of the handles. Every detail is immaculate, just like a meal plated by a michelin-star chef.  Has background as a chef, baker and even archeologist are some of the factors that make him such a unique blacksmith. He draws inspiration from everything that he’s learned over the years.