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Castelbel Porto Gentleman's Club Spearmint and Moss Soap

What do you get for a man that has everything? The soap makers at Castelbel Porto had just that problem and they solved it the best way they could, by making soap with gold in it. Is there purpose to the gold in the soap? Yes, to make it cooler than other bars of soap. It has an amazing scent of Oak moss and spearmint that make for both a fresh and refined fragrance. It may seem ostentatious but, you will surely be remembered by the person you give it to, moreover it's a great way to wake up with more style than the rest.

About Castelbel - Nestled near the sun drenched olive groves of the Druro River valley in northern Portugal, Castelbel began manufacturing fine toiletry soaps and fragranced products for both home and body in 1999. Under the banner of Portus Cale (the original name of Portugal) they offer their fragrances and attendant goods, while soaps are under the label of Castelbel.
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