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British Barber Association

British Barber Shave Matches

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Cuts happen during the shave, even to the best of us. Regardless of what razor you use, it's good to be prepared for when a nick happens. Shave Matches quickly clot the blood of your wound, stopping blood flow so you can get dressed and out the door.

  • Wet before use, apply to injury for several seconds.
  • Single-use matches are perfect for barbers.

About the BBA - The British Barbers Association (BBA) is the leading association for the barbering industry in the UK. From their hairstyling goods, to their skin-care range and shaving products, BBA goods are designed to exacting quality standards in order to remain the best in the industry. Every part of BBA products has been thought out, ingredients to application, making them a joy to work with both professionally and at home.