Boker Silver Steel White Straight Razor, 6/8
Boker Silver Steel White Straight Razor, 6/8 Boker Silver Steel White Straight Razor, 6/8

Boker makes some of the best straight razors that Solingen has to offer. Harkening back to the late 19th century, Boker has reintroduced their famous “Silver Steel” razors. Featuring a very hollow 6/8ths German carbon steel blade, this razor truly “sings”. Capable of an extremely sharp edge but with just enough give to make it easy to use, Boker’s Silver Steel is considered one of the closest shaves you can get. The white synthetic scales are strong and waterproof, making them a simple yet practical finish for the razor. This blade is not stainless, so take care to wipe and dry the blade off after shaving.

Size 6/8"
Grind: Hollow Ground
Steel: Carbon Steel
Rockwell Hardness:
Scales: White Acrylic
Manufacturer: Boker
This Razor was honed by Hand

Care for Straight Razors: Most razors are made of a high carbon steel, which allows for a long-lasting and sharper edge but is susceptible to rusting when left wet or in a humid environment. To prevent this, one would dry the razor thoroughly after each use and rub it with blade oil when stored for prolonged periods of time.

To maintain the edge, a leather strop is of the utmost importance. Ideally used before each shave, the strop does the best job at polishing a razor for the smoothest shave possible. It is important to use a gentle touch and to keep the spine flat on the leather; pushing too hard or using too steep of an angle can damage the delicate edge.

Even with regular stropping, a razor will need to be honed. In the world of razors, honing is the process of using a sharpening stone to refresh the edge. Depending on its use, a razor will need to be honed one or two times a year. Any razors purchased from Kent of Inglewood will receive their first honing for free, subsequent honing services are a mere $20. If you are the sort to take care of things yourself, a progression of high quality Japanese water stones will prove indispensable.

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