Red Ensign Club

Welcome to the Kent of Inglewood Red Ensign Club. Our customers/friends all appreciate similar things: a perfect shave or well maintained beard, a sharp axe, a stiff cocktail, and a welcoming community.


Red Ensign Club Privileges

(available only to Red Ensign Club members who are able to show their coin)

Kent of Inglewood (until end of April)
All Mcusta 30D and 90D series knives and all Katz knives 15% off

Free sake or tea set with any knife purchase over $200

From the Wild (Edmonton)
Free limited edition Silver FtW Lure with Frost River purchase

Bricks Wine Co.
10% off any purchase

High Line Brewery
Drink your favourite High Line brew out of an official Red Ensign Club stein

The Deane House
The secret off-menu Nathan Gareau Three Cherry Manhattan is only available to coin holders

Stone / Horace and Jasper
Red Ensign Club challenge coin wallets and keyfobs.

BATL Axe Throwing
Club members booking a group in Calgary will receive a 15% discount. 

Red Ensign Club 
Challenge coin series 2 is in the works. It will commemorate the city of our second location, Edmonton! 


Presenting the Red Ensign Club coin at Kent of Inglewood gives you access to new product announcements, in-store specials, an invitation to our annual Red Ensign Party, and more. Because the Kent of Inglewood community extends beyond the walls of our store you will also enjoy privilege at select partner establishments. It may entitle you an off-menu cocktail at a local saloon, a discount from one of our partner barbers, and even more as the club grows. We thank you for joining our club, and hope to see you at the AGM. 

Be sure to bookmark this page, we will be posting the perks of being in the Red Ensign Club as soon as they are made available.



In addition to our special and the specials from our sister stores Knifewear and From the Wild (as seen below), we have also partnered with several other businesses around Calgary, Bricks Wine Co., The Deane House, and High Line Brewing. The full list is just below. I recommend getting a beer in the pants-stein at High Line, it’s a special treat. (You’ll know what I mean when you get there.) 

Horace and Jasper Red Ensign Club Coin Wallet and Fob
Horace and Jasper have outdone themselves again. They’ve created gorgeous wallets ($70) and fobs ($25) for our Red Ensign Club members to keep their coins within easy reach. You will no longer be without your coin because you were too afraid to lose it. Both will be available for purchase by Red Ensign Club members at the Calgary shop on March 18.  These are produced in very limited quantities and are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Coin must be presented to purchase.