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Aleppo Savon

Aleppo Savon 10% Laurel Oil Soap

Laurel Oil soaps may be the most famous from Syria. Laurel Oil and Olive Oil are mixed because Laurel oil is thought to by extra hydrating, as well as anti-bacterial and beneficial for people with excessively dry or irritated skin. This soap is essentially unscented, with only a mild scent of laurel and olive oils.

About Aleppo Savon - was started in Calgary by a Syrian refugee of two years, Abdulfatah Sabouni. Mr. Sabouni is a fourth generation soap-maker and is continuing his family business that has been around for over 125 years. The last name Sabouni even means soap-maker.

At Kent of Inglewood we love brands with history. Decades of craftsmanship allows for continuous refinement of a product to be combined with prestigious tradition. The methods used at Aleppo Savon are much the same as the ancient techniques used to make soap in the Syria of old and are thought to have stayed in the region for millennia until the Crusaders brought it back to Europe and spurred the obsession with finely crafted soap that exists now in France and all-throughout Europe.